Top 4 Iconic Women & Swimwear

From iconic movie shots circling in our Pinterest boards, to throwback images of legendary women in your Instagram feed - there is plenty of inspiration when it comes to beach looks. Yet, not all interpretations should be taken seriously, so check out some of the modern takes of the celebrated swimwear below and get a page out of the book from these acclaimed ladies throughout time. 



Jane Birkin

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Birkin's Parisienne flair is sought after since the 60's. Her appeal is attributed to laid back attitude, singing in a breathy voice and a quirky fashion sense (forever thankful for the straw totes and the eponymous Hermes bag). To get her look, nibble on gluten packed carbs without further guilt, use pharmacy products for skin care and let your hair loose. Also a low cut, tight bikini top can help.

Raquel Welch 

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After starring in the fantasy film One Million Years B.C. (1966) where Welch had only three lines, the poster images in her raw, two piece deer attire (further adventurous swimwear inspiration) sky rocketed the young actress into a celebrity sex symbol. Pictured above wearing an orange bikini in a publicity still for The Biggest Bundle of Them All. To look slightly similar to the iconic woman hit the gym today, splurge on Aine top and bottom later (in both colors). 

Brooke Shields

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Brooke Shields has risen to fame with the controversial movie The Blue Lagoon (1980) and prominently became a celebrated female for her playful sexuality on screen. To channel inner Brooke all you need is wildly natural hair, beautiful skin, untouched eyebrows and maybe a pout will do. 

Cindy Crawford

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One of the original 90's muses, we are still pouring over stills from House of Style with this acclaimed bombshell. In order to transmit Cindy's lure on the beach one simply must be Kaia. Other ways include sleeping in rollers, drawing the signature beauty spot and strolling in Dione swimsuit casually drinking pepsi in slow motion. You are welcome.    

written by Masha Nova




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