Juliette Ibiza Ambassadors Program Tutorial

First of all, thank you for your interest in Juliette Ibiza.
We launched our brand in 2017 and we aim to bring luxury quality swimwear to the people, selling at affordable prices. We can do that cutting out the retail middlemen and primarily sell online. We source the best fabric and produce our products from the same factories of the big brands. 
We design our models in the wonderful island of Ibiza, in Spain.

We hope to grow day after day also with your precious help! 

Let's see all the advantage you will get as official member of the Ambassadors Program.

  • 50% off your first order 
    Use the special discount code TEAM at checkout and get 50% off.
    You can order as many pieces you want but you can use this code just one time. You can also get your discount code automatically applied if you click this link: https://julietteibiza.com/discount/TEAM
  • Lifetime Discount Code of 35% off
    Yes! We are offering you also a lifetime discount for all your future orders. Use the discount code TOP35 at checkout to get 35% off. You can use this code as many time as you want.
  • Earn money and offer personal discount code to your friends and followers
    If you want to take your influencer game to the next level, we also offer a referral program. What does it mean?
    You can create your own 20% discount code (we suggest to use a simple and short code like your name or nickname) and share it with all your friends and followers.
    The advantage, they will be happy to use it to make their purchase and will love you even more. Also, you will earn money every time someone use your personal discount code making an order.  You will automatically earn 20% of the total order value, that will be paid to you via PayPal. (Let's say your follower make an order of 100 euro value using your code, you will earn 20 euro)
    It's optional to join the referral program, but if you want try it, here is the link where you can quickly create your personal discount code:


Now you have all the information you need to start, are you excited? We are because this is a great opportunity!


Promote our brand / products on your website, blog or social media channels. For example:

  • Sharing our branding / ads
  • Sharing your referral link or discount code
  • Creating product review blogs / vlogs.

    Let's see some recommendation:
  • Posting
    When you post pictures or video on your social profile, don't forget to write @julietteibiza swimwear, or bikini by @julietteibiza and the hashtag #juliettegirls in the post description.
    If you subscribed to the referral program you can also invite followers to use your discount code.

  • Instagram Stories
    We suggest to use Instagram Stories a lot. Actually it's the more popular and effective format. 
    Also here, don't forget to use @julietteibiza and #juliettegirls 

  • #hashtag
    It's important to use in your posts 5-15 hashtag related to modeling or swimwear. That will help expand your reach. You can find many apps that help you using hashtag, one of these are named HashTagged. 
    We suggest you also some popular hashtag you can copy and past in your posts: #beachbum
    #beachfashion #beachlife #beachstyle #beachwear #bikini #bikinifashion #bikinilovers
    #bikinionline #bikinipushup #bikiniready
    #bikinis #bikiniseason #bikinistyle #bikinitop 
    #resortwear #summerfashion  #swim #swimming #swimsuit #swimwearfashion #swimwearshoot #tan
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Busto 81-86 cm / 32-34 pollici 86-91 cm / 34-36 pollici 91-97 cm / 36-38 pollici
Vita 61-68 cm / 24-27 pollici 68-74 cm / 27-29 pollici 74-79 cm / 29-31 pollici
Anca 81-86 cm / 32-34 pollici 86-91 cm / 34-36 pollici 91-97 cm / 36-38 pollici